Southaven Police Chief Credits Active Shooter Training to Saving Lives in Southaven, Mississippi Shooting

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Active Threat Training

According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), the total number of mass shootings in 2019 so far is at 248 in the United States. The GVA provides public access to accurate information about gun-related violence in the U.S. and collects data from 6,500 sources daily.

With gun-related violence on the rise this year, we should all be informed on how to appropriately take precautions to save not only our own lives but also the lives of others. How can we do this? Participate in an Active Shooter Training session.

Unfortunately, another shooting took place in Southaven, Mississippi. Read below for more details on the incident and how active shooter training can make a positive impact.


A gunman opened fire at a Walmart in Southaven, Mississippi, killing two employees on Tuesday, July 30 around 6:30 a.m.

The shooter, Martez Abram, was a disgruntled employee who had recently been fired from the Walmart. He began shooting in the parking lot then proceeded to go into the store. Abram knew the victims he shot and killed. Police say they are certain he intended to hurt more people.

Abram shot one officer after the police confronted him outside of the store. His bulletproof vest saved the police officer’s life, and he is now in the hospital recovering.

The gunman was shot by an officer and hospitalized.

According to John Champion, Desoto County District, there was an incident between Abram and another employee a few days before the shooting. Abram also had been temporarily suspended due to a “grievance with an employee and his employer.”

Abram was 39 years old with no criminal history, according to Champion.

“We feel tragedies like this personally, and our hearts go out to the families of our two associates and the officer who was injured,” Foran said. “We are relieved the suspect was apprehended, and we appreciate the quick response of the local authorities and our associates. We’ll continue to focus on assisting law enforcement in their investigation and on supporting our associates.”

Two weeks before this incident, the police had completed formal active shooter training. Macon Moore, Southaven police chief, said the training session had “no doubt…saved lives today.” 


Our expert team develops active threat plans to ensure your safety during life-threatening situations. When professionals develop a well-thought-out plan, it allows everyone to know what to do during an event to decrease fear and increase the number of survivors.

We want you to be prepared too. Our progressive training program is designed for participants of all ages, backgrounds and levels.

Our 90-minute active shooter training seminar can be applied in and out of the workplace to protect yourself and those around you throughout your daily routine. We will equip your organization with the confidence needed to address active threats.

One of our trained experts will discuss and demonstrate a customized course for the client. Topics covered in our training course includes:

  • Important statistics of active threat events
  • Why situational awareness is important
  • The different categories of active threats
  • The mindset and preparedness of an active shooter
  • The differences of cover vs. conceal and how it can be applied
  • Extra security measures
  • The Houston Model: Run, Hide and Fight
  • The Attacker’s response to disruptions you cause
  • Having a plan when the attack starts, while it’s happening and after it has happened

After the presentation, our instructor will analyze your building and talk through any concerns you may have about the space and what the best measures are to be taken during an attack.

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