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Complete Safety Package


Our greatest value and the smartest way to keep you safe. Introducing the CSP (Complete Safety Package), the most economic way to mitigate potential risks in your environment. CSP bundles the correct amount of services for different size organizations. In addition to the services included in each CSP tier, all of our services and products are available al a carte to create your own custom solution to safety. To be eligible for CSP pricing, you must enter into a three year agreement.

  • ATS In Person Seminar’s
  • Mobilize Comprehensive Rescue KitsATS Written Assessments
  • ATS Emergency Action Plans
  • ATS Training video views
  • Telesecurity options:
    • HeaRTS Program access
    • General Security and Safety
    • Virtual Assessments
    • Emergency Action Planning and Consultation
    • ATS Assessment review


ATS In Person Seminar (90-Minute Training)

We have vetted the best of the best to provide our in person active threat training seminar to people across the country. Many people are reluctant to host Active Shooter Training because they do not want to scare people and they wish to keep everything positive. With our seminar, that too is our goal. The speaker’s goal is to empower people to feel equipped to keep themselves safe no matter where they are. Anyone can do what we teach, whether you’re 28 or 82, you can learn how to keep yourself safe in several difficult situations.

Most individuals have never experienced a personal safety course, that’s why we keep it simple, there is no need to complicate things when it comes to a life or death situation. We take the time to talk with each person and answer their specific questions, we are all different people and how we protect ourselves will be different. We care about people and want to see them walk out of our seminar encouraged and empowered. We always let them know if there’s anything more we can do for them, we’ll be there.

4-Part Online Training Video (45-Minute Total Length)

Our training video is as good as our in-person training if not better! The video provides the same great content as our seminar, but it is condensed for your convenience. The video is a great option for companies that don’t have time to stop production, the video can be viewed from your computer or smart phone, anywhere and at any time. It is also a great option for continuing education, we all know how easy it is to forget things over time, that’s why we believe people should be given this information annually.

There are no firearms or graphic shooting scenes in our video, once again, we do not want to scare people, we want to teach them. We provide thoughts, pictures, and examples to help people learn and keep them engaged. There is not anything graphic in our training video. No one can predict how a threat will happen so we keep it simple to ensure that you can protect yourself in a threatening situation.

ATS Written Security Assessments

Ongoing physical security assessments are critical to the safety of your company and the people who work within it. Employees rely on a safe workplace to get their work done. A thorough security assessment will assess your environment and will examine vulnerabilities that you might not even have known about. Our team will provide some of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve your physical security and processes. One thing we often say is “Security will never replace the eyes and the ears of your team” that’s why we always recommend the ATS seminar or online training accompany your security assessment.

ATS Emergency Action Planning

A comprehensive emergency action plan is vital to an orderly response to an incident. A workplace emergency is an unexpected situation that threatens your employees, customers, and even the public. These emergencies can disrupt or shut down operations, cause physical or environmental damage, and facilitate the complete evacuation of your facility. An emergency action plan is not something you want to take lightly and simply “throw together” if you don’t have the experience. It’s very important to have professionals who know what to address, the ATS team is highly qualified and will walk you through this process.

ATS TeleSecurity Hotlines

Have you ever had a question about the security aspects or policies of your workplace? Have you ever been thought about how an employee is going to react upon being terminated? Our ATS TeleSecurity platform allows you to speak directly to one of our subject matter experts and get an answer from some of the most experienced public safety professionals in the world. This service is available 24/7 and as easy as picking up the phone. These hotlines are not to be utilized in emergencies, in case of an emergency you should always dial 911.

Our TeleSecurity services include but are not limited to:

HeaRTS – High Risk Termination Support for everyone associated

Terminations are never easy, but sometimes they can be out right dangerous. That’s why we have introduced our HeaRTS program. There are many things to consider when organizing the termination of one or multiple employees. We offer expert guidance before, during, and after high-risk terminations from industry experts who constantly review trends, techniques and solutions to help you and your team stay safe.

General Security and Safety

Have you ever been in a seminar and the speaker says, “does anyone have any questions?” at that moment you feel that you know it all and don’t have any questions. But then what happens, a situation comes up, you’re in a predicament, and now you have questions. Our General Security and Safety service allows you to ask the experts at any time, day or night.

ATS Assessment review

After you receive your written ATS Assessment from our team, we will discuss the findings and reasons behind our suggestions. This ensures you fully understand your vulnerabilities and the simplest ways to improve them.

ATS Virtual Assessments

We have the ability to assess specific areas remotely with help of your team. All you need to do is answer a few questions and submit requested photographs of an area and we can walk you though the best way to improve your security during a comprehensive video conference.

ATS Emergency Action Plan Review

Whether we are reviewing your existing document or discussing an EAP we have custom created for your organization, our experts are always available. Make sure your teams EAP is up to date and factors in the industries most current and best practices.

Intro to Executive Protection (8-Hour Course)


  • Introductory training to security professionals – B. Roberts
  • Protect clients at home and abroad
  • Secure segmented areas for functions and events

Does your business or organization know what to do in an active threat situation?

Get a sample of our online training video to learn how you can start preparing today.