Active Shooter Training for Businesses

by | Aug 13, 2022 | Active Shooter Incidents, Crisis Management, Workplace Violence

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there have been 251 active shooter events in the United States between 2000 and April 27, 2018. The bulk of these events have taken place in open areas, educational spaces and the commerce industry. Even as the number of active shooter events continues to rise, many businesses have failed to take immediate action in educating their employees on what to do in this type of event.

At SaferSite, we believe that it is not enough to increase security. It is not enough to provide run of the mill active shooter training from an individual who is not an expert in the security space. Business owners and decision makers within the business have a duty to provide more than adequate training so that their employees can take a stand and know what to do in the event of an active threat situation.

If you are interested in how you can protect your employees, continue reading to learn more about active shooter training provided by an expert, as well as the benefits of receiving this training.


Every business from its employees to the building and security is different. That is why our instructors not only present educational content on how to protect oneself, but they also take employees through their own space to contextualize the training for a more personal approach.

During the 90-minute active threat training seminar, our instructor will discuss:

  • Statistics of active threat events pertaining to your specific industry
  • The concept of situational awareness and why it’s essential to training
  • The categories of active threat events
  • The mindset and preparedness of active shooters
  • The differences between cover and conceal
  • Security measures your business could be taking
  • The Houston Model: Run, Hide and Fight
  • An attacker’s response to disruptions
  • Developing a plan of attack; during and after an active threat event

After this presentation, our instructor will go through the building and discuss any concerns your employees may have about the space, and what the best way to proceed during an attack would be.


Receiving active threat training can give your employees the knowledge, skills and power to increase their chances of saving their life or someone else’s; not only at work but also in their daily lives outside of work.

C’Anna Brown, former FBI employee and current business manager at West Virginia Radio Corporation, discussed her experience with SaferSiteShe had this to say about the benefits of receiving this training, as well as a site assessment:

“I think that number one, our people understand and are aware of the threat. I think our employees feel more competent in what to do in the event of an emergency.”

She, later on, continued to say, “I think overall I can’t recommend the training enough. I think they did a fantastic job. I think they were consummate professionals. Business owners and people in leadership positions really need to take a moment to think about the kind of threat training they have provided their employees. No one is immune to threatening situations. Do right by your employee, your assets and equip them with the knowledge of what they need to do if your workplace were under threat.”

Understanding that a threat can occur is the first step. The second is realizing that you need a plan. Having a plan that is developed by a professional is important. This allows everyone to know what to do if an event would occur, which can decrease fear and increase survivors.


At SaferSite, we do not train the experts to go out and provide this information. We are the experts. Our expert team is comprised of federal agents, military personnel and Department of Defense instructors. Our team was hand-picked because of their experiences and our belief that there is a need for high-quality active shooter training that can be customized for the space that your business is in.


There is a real need for active threat training that we feel we are capable of addressing. We can equip your organization with the knowledge and confidence that is needed to address active threat events that could affect your business, not only during the event, but months or years after the event has occurred.

If this training is something that you are interested in, please give our Director of Training a call. We would love to talk with you more about the advantages of receiving active threat training from more than just a person who received a certification.